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Devices in this category are the most fragile and expensive in their own category so it’s important to make sure that your tablet or iPad is adequately protected.

Tablet & iPad Repair companies offer services such as:

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iPad & Tablet Repair

The age of screen repairs is coming to an end. Apple has decided to discontinue the screen repair service for their devices, meaning customers will have to order a replacement screen from a third party or hire a professional.

Tablet & iPad Repair

iPad & Tablet Repairing

With the introduction of tablets and iPads, there is also a need for repairing these devices.

With their tiny screens and lack of backlighting, tablets are not only more fragile but also require a lot more work to fix than a regular laptop. Tablets are typically repaired by replacing the glass or LCD touchscreen with an original part from the manufacturer.

Tablets and iPads should be taken care of as they contain sensitive data like passwords and private messages that you don’t want being stolen by cybercriminals.